Friday, July 31, 2009

Leah's Stuff Cute Month Awards Ceremony!

** Birds fly in, hang the drapery for the stage. Hummingbirds and bunnies set up the sound system. To open the show, a giant cupcake will lower from the top of the stage, and then I'll burst out of it! The audience (stuffed & live animals) bursts into applause. **

Cutest Cupcakes (pictured left) goes to Michelle's Hedgehog Cupcakes!

Cutest Design Studio (Responsible for the Cutest Olympic Mascots) goes to Meomi!

Cutest Video Featuring Stuffed Animal Playing Instruments (pictured left) goes to The Boy Least Likely to for their video "Be Gentle With Me"!

Cutest Manga goes to Yotsuba!

Cutest Flickr Group w/o Cute in the Title goes to The Secret Life of Toys!

That's all we've got for this month's awards! Join me in August for Incredibly Useful month!

If you have any cute awards you'd like to ceremonially mention, go right ahead in the comments!

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