Monday, August 3, 2009

August is a Month of Indeterminate Status! (book review, dinosaurs)

So far, August doesn't have a theme, so the theme is Indeterminate Status! I guess?

Book Review: Sew Darn Cute (by Jenny Ryan)

Yay! This book has tons of cute projects, including fabric cuffs, Square Bear, a needle book, and a tool belt. The products are all really cute, and I'm thinking of making a Square Bear sometime this week to try it out. It comes with detailed information about sewing and embellishing in the front, as well as patterns to be blown up in the back. I also like the tips for each project.

Small amount of boo. The thing missing from this book is images of the creation steps. For most products, there are 2-3 pictures of the finished product, and that's it. Most of the projects are quick and easy and this isn't a problem, but the ones with more than five of six steps get a little hard to follow. Also, I'm spoiled by the internet tutorials that feature a million pictures per step.

Overall I highly recommend this book for beginners (for the short projects) and for intermediate sewers (which I don't consider myself) for the longer projects. The name says it all, it is pretty darn cute.

Oh no! Will watch out! - Albertosaurus, Dinosaur Walk (Museum of Life and Science)We went to the Museum of Life and Science yesterday, and my picture of Will getting eaten by their Albertosaurus is currently being featured on their Albertosaurus page. Yay!

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