Friday, July 22, 2011

Etsy Shop Update - Steampunk Pins & Red Beans & Rice

I've been working on new stuff for my Etsy Shop. Don't worry, there's more Game of Thrones and Discworld jewelry coming up, but for now, I'm adding some steampunk pins that I'd been building for awhile.

Aeon Steampunk Pin / Pendant - Clock with Eternal Time - Clock Gears
Aeon Steampunk Pin / Pendant - Clock with Eternal Time - Clock Gears
The secret with this design is that I used purse grommets from Joanns for the cool round window.

This Too Shall Pass - Steampunk Hourglass Pin / Pendant
This Too Shall Pass Steampunk Pin / Pendant
I've found this phrase to be very useful as a reminder that everything changes. For the better and for the worse, just try not to be too mired down in what's going on right now. Also, I'm into hourglasses!

Red Beans & Rice Necklace with St. Lawrence pendant
Red Beans and Rice Necklace feat. St. Lawrence
Now that I type it like that, it makes it sound like an awesome rap song out of New Orleans. All you DJ's and spinnas, this is Saint Lawrence! Saint of chefs and librarians! He's about to blow your minds!

Also, last, but definitely not least, here's Nick modeling the Timelord design shirt:
Dr. Who Dress Shirt - Modeled by Nick
He's decided to reclaim the shirt for sure - which I think of as a success in experimentation! I'm going to have to try some interesting techniques out on other shirts.

Speaking of food jewelry (which I was a paragraph or two ago) - there were these ceramic life-sized peanut beads at the bead store in Panama City and I didn't get them. I can't decide if I regret this or not yet.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dr. Who Dress Shirt

Dr. Who Dress Shirt
There were shirts Nick was getting rid of and I kept them in order to experiment on them. I did a combination of different modifications on this one:
- Bleach pen for the white circle
- Wintergreen transfer for the initial Timelord design
- Fabric pen for the larger Timelord design

Dr. Who Dress Shirt - Close Up
I meant to get Nick to model this shirt before he went to work this morning, but I forgot. I might start doing stuff like this to dress shirts and selling them. I think that Nick might be reclaiming this one though :).

Does anyone have a request? I'm thinking of doing some more Dr. Who Timelord designs as well as some Valar Morghulis/Game of Thrones dress shirts (there really aren't that many cool dress shirts that are also geeky, what the heck?)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bleach pens are Awesome!

Bleach Pen Experiment: Starting - Beginning to Draw the Lines
Drawing Begins with Bleach Pen
Yesterday I broke out my Clorox Bleach Pen (from Target) and got to work finally doing some bleach drawing. I had a lot of fun doing this, and it was so easy that I worry for all the rest of my tshirts now.

Bleach Pen Experiment: Bleaching!
Letting the Bleach Sit and Bleach
Essentially, I just put some wax paper in the shirt (to keep the bleach from bleeding through) then I drew whatever I wanted on the shirt (in this case, circuitboard design). I kept watch over it while it developed/bleached/verbed. It only took about 15 minutes total for this shirt, since I've washed and worn it several times. I checked the development by looking on the inside of the shirt and seeing how the inside of the bleachening looked.

Once it got to the point where I was happy with the color, I just rinsed it out in the sink, then washed it in the washer. I dried it and it's done. It doesn't even smell like bleach, and I don't have to worry about it getting washed with other things, since I rinsed and washed it.

Bleach Pen Experiment: Finished - Plain Shirt vs. Bleached
Unbleached and Bleached
The pink color was a happy accident - I had no idea what color this would bleach to. For me, it's not the design that's an issue, but finding tshirts that I actually like and fit. I bought two of these at H&M so I could do a design on one of them, and then be okay if I messed it up and have a bonus shirt. Planning!

So, this is so dang easy! I actually checked a few tutorials online, just to make sure I wasn't doing something crazy, and here's my favorite (in case this isn't enough to nudge you into experimenting):
- I am Momma, Hear me Roar Bleach Pen Tutorial
Bleach Pen Experiment: Finished - Circuitry Closeup
Crappy Closeup!

I encourage you to try it out! Or not, you know, whatever. I'm working on some more shirts and combining a few different techniques, so we'll see how that turns out (hopefully tomorrow). Until then, <3!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

CBLDF Tshirt Modification

My first pass at re-sewing a tshirt that was too big but had a cool design on it turned out okay.
Parts I liked:
- Pattern directions were relatively simple and made sense
- The overall shirt I made it kind of cool

Parts I didn't like:
- I used two different shirts to make the front and it shows
- The neckline is behaving oddly, and I think it's because I finished it with a zig-zag stitch, which stretched it out
- I only took REALLY crappy pictures of the entire project - sorry!

Here's the Large CBLDF tshirt beforehand, with the pattern:
CBLDF Tshirt & Pattern

I really wanted to take that centered design and have it going down the left side of the shirt, which mean that instead of one large front piece, I had to make two smaller front pieces and sew them together. Which I did out of this shirt, and another black tshirt, that doesn't *exactly* match up. It's probably not too obvious to other people. I did it *on purpose*, right?

Finished project:
Finished CBLDF Tshirt mod

For a first shirt, this isn't so bad. Especially since I instantly begin modifying things to fit my own liking (splitting the front piece). I can't wait to make the next one out of some more tshirts I have (some are Nick's old shirts). I have a feeling I'm going to have a lot of black tops in the near future!

Today, though, I'm going to be playing with bleach pens, so I'll be posting the results of that tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Five Things I Hate In the Morning:

1. Chewing - I clench my jaw in my sleep, plus crunchy stuff is LOUD
2. Talking on the Phone - I'm kind of bleary/moronic until an hour or so after I've been awake
3. Talk Radio - I can't talk back and tell them to BE QUIET or SMARTER
4. Heavy Perfume / Cologne - Barf
5. Dehydration - The first thing I want when I wake up - two glasses of water

Oddly enough, I like Nyan Cat in the morning, which you would think would be too much - but it's not. It's just enough.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

IKEA and New Job

I'm adjusting to the hours at my new job that I spend every day. Currently, the job is biting into my crafting and making stuff time, but not my watching Wizard of Waverly Place and eatinh-half-a-cake-in-one-go time. This needs to change! Otherwise, this blog is just going to turn into pictures of half eaten cakes. EXAMPLE:

Hey everybody! This is what I did last night!
Threats of a new blog

Over the weekend I went to IKEA and it's still just like a magical place to me. Everything is so neat looking and low-priced! Here's some magical pictures:






New job details: I work part-time at Jerry's Artarama, an awesome local art supply store.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Dr. Sketchy's - Tie Me to the Tracks Sketches

Last night's Dr. Sketchy's was not exactly what I expected, but I enjoyed it anyway. I expected more Dudley Do Right and probably less bondage, but overall, the models were good, I got some drawing practice, and I came away with some relatively SFW sketches I can show you.

I managed to bring a full sketchbook, so I had to find pages with open space to draw in, hence some of the more random doodles accompanying these. There were no teddy bears floating in the background or hovercrafts!

Dr. Sketchy's - Tie me to the Tracks - 6/30/11
Dr. Sketchy's - Tie me to the Tracks - 6/30/11
Dr. Sketchy's - Tie me to the Tracks - 6/30/11

Also, remember that crochet tutorial I was nuts about? I've made a few things out of it - here's a preview of a green seaweedy necklace I'm pretty pleased with:
Preview of one of my new crocheted necklaces!
I think it looks like seaweed and I kind of love it. I think I'm going to make a purple one next!