Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Paintings and Art Stuff

I, Too, Dreamt of PieI, Too, Dreamt of Pie
I am trying to throw myself directly into getting ready for DragonCon and SPX (mostly SPX, since DragonCon is pretty much already planned) - but I want to finish up the paintings I've been working on.

Paintings are difficult to finish and sell, because they're not like prints - with prints you can create an edition of 20, but with paintings there's only the ONE. This is why I ended up as a printmaking major. I am building up my new ability to become unattached to the paintings (or at least feel less attached).

Panda Ko PandaPanda Ko Panda

Oh, I also made this Panda Ko Panda painting specifically to sell so we can purchase the Azumanga Daioh DVDs. The design is based on the Azumanga cat character of the same style, Neko Koneko. Then I found out, that the Neko Koneko was character was based on a lazy panda.

So here we've come a weird full-circle step farther, with a panda character based on a cat character based on a panda character. I'm probably going to put the Panda Ko Panda painting on etsy.com, unless there's a better place to tap into the anime / panda fan market for painting sales.

I'm doing some freelance designs too - honey labels for a local beekeeper, and some web design for a programmer who liked "Ninjas in the Breakroom".