Friday, July 3, 2009

Kitchen Cafe Curtains

Kitchen Cafe Curtains: Detail w/bird
New Matroyshka Cafe Curtains for the Kitchen

Today's cute is the new cafe curtains I hemmed for above the kitchen sink. I made them, but the term "made" is only a technicality, as the fabric has a white screenprinted scallop border along the top and bottom, with pre-cut holes for curtain rods. You just trim off the fabric outside of the white scallops and hem the sides, et voila! Ready to hang curtains!

The screenprinting will prevent the fabric from fraying, so that really is all you have to do. It's just crazy enough to work!

I just love the matroyshkas (apparently, they're really coming back in style, at least for Japanese fabric designs) and the cyrillic scattered on the gingham. I got this fabric on sale from the Repro Depot Japanese fabric section (though they seem to currently be out, they have other cafe curtains, though). They still have it over at Super Buzzy, and in green!

Now I'll try and find other parts of the house to encuten. That's a word now.

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