Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cute Animal Week: There was Another Trouble!

My Nemesis
My Nemesis

So, I know I keep taunting you with this "astrocat" business, but it's an unintentional tease! Yesterday, I spent three hours taking apart my sewing machine attempting to equalize the tension between the upper and lower thread. I was getting what people term "birdnesting" or "rat's nests".

It turns out the reason the upper thread tension wasn't working was because if you thread the machine when the presser foot is down the upper thread tension just won't work. This is not mentioned anywhere in the manual, but fortunately, the internet provided.

I did some maintenance while I was in there, and I won't even getting into the laughably unintelligible directions in the manual for where to oil.


In happier Leah Riley & Animal News - I gave Jason (the writer over at Indie Squid Kid and personal pal) my mixed media piece "Three Hearts Beat as One" for his birthday, and he made a whole post about it! Totally Airwolf!

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