Thursday, February 28, 2008

Costumed Sketch Night: Pirate Theme

Sketch Night - 20 minute pose - Pirate Drinking ContestPirate Drinking Contest - 20 Minute Sketch

The Costumed Sketch Night last night was super-fun - the theme was pirates, and we had two great models, Ruth and Matt, who would pretty much pose however we wanted.

As usual, the hardest part of modeling is NOT LAUGHING - but we all managed to prevail, despite the silly pirate songs playing.

I don't have any trouble coming up with short pose ideas, (2-5 minute poses) but sometimes the longer poses, which have to be seated or laying because otherwise we're torturing the model, are hard for me to think of.

Fortunately, Stephanie had the great idea of having a saucy winner to the pirate drinking contest... (as you can see)

Sketch Night - 20 minute pose - Ruth WinsRuth Wins!

I ended up only blocking in Matt on this last 20 minute pose - since Ruth was late I didn't get to draw her as much, and with all those myriad layers of clothing, it made for an interesting subject.

We had three times the people attending last night than we had the first time, with many people implying that next time we may have a great deal more. It's kind of exciting, since I really started it as a way of contributing to the new place I work, and a selfish way to get me more time to draw models.

Anyway, if you're a local artist and you missed, don't worry. The next costumed sketch night is March 26th, and the theme is Victorian Lolita (This style of stuff, if you're not familiar) so get ready to draw tons of fabric and bows! The admission is $3.

Monday, February 11, 2008

What-The-Hell Con Redux

Man, What the Hell? Con was really fun this year (again). I have 8 million pictures, so I'll just post a few of my favorites:
The Guild of Justice-Minded Citizenry
Steampunk JLA - The Guild of Justice-Minded Citizenry
L - R: Zatanna (Annie), Supergirl (Michelle), Flash (Nick), Nightwing (Mike), PowerGirl (Alison), Superman (Jared, Sandman (Matt), Batgirl (umm, me), and Green Arrow (Jason)

One of my favorite things about WthCon is that it's so laid back I have plenty of time for my favorite con activity - hanging out with my friends. Maybe dressed in costumes. I would almost always recommend costumes/cosplaying as a group though, there's much more of an impact (and you can't feel silly is EVERYONE is doing it, right?).

We are dressed in black!


WthCon - Geek AuctionDraco & Harry in the Geek Auction

The con was really fun, but is showing some growing pains in scheduling and capacity handling. The geek auction had so many participants that it lasted three hours. Adding an auctioneer speeded things along, but unfortunately took out the best part - the crowd/geek interaction.

Nick and Will didn't get to finish their entire schtick, and I feel sorry for the girls in the audience for that, more than any of the other auction difficulties.

As always, representing our webcomic Willrad in the Artist's Alley was hilarious for me and Will, as we are self-entertaining (see also, moustache pictures). The con treats artists like they are made of gold, something that warms us all deep down into the cockles of our little hearts.