Friday, November 7, 2008


MushroomsI've noticed that mushrooms are making a comeback, I was thinking about that when I drew this

This week has been roller-coastery, to say the least. At least this time I don't feel like it's an isolated event, just me, roller-coasting around - naah, it was the whole country. I called my sister on election night, and got her voicemail, and when she tried to call back the system was down. See! Everybody! My mom left me a voicemail the next day "Happy Obama Day!" (I saved that one).

I've been working on finishing up all my outstanding gift projects, and starting some more for Christmas. Though I'm not entirely sure who wants a Kraken shirt or weird cuff links for Christmas, I've been using the Christmas deadline as motivation to refill my etsy shop.

Speaking of: I'm probably going to go to the Handmade Market on Saturday, and hit up the Flea Market while I'm over there, is anyone else planning to be there?