Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wonderland Week: Components for Steampunk Alice

Steampunk Alice: Skirt PiecesSkirt Pieces for Another Paneled Lolita Skirt (or, as I like to call it "Here I Go Again on My Own! Going Down the Only Road I've Ever Known!")

I don't have anything finished to show yet, but I do have a lot of things sitting around just waiting to become awesome stuff. There's potential in these things, so hopefully I won't screw it up!

Steampunk Alice: Card Suit ConchosCard Suit Conchos!

These I'm particularly fond of - I ordered them last week. They are conchos. Before last week, I didn't know what a concho was. (Those decorative metal things on leather cowboy stuff)

I was looking on etsy for things with spades on them, since that's the motif I'm going for here, when I found some leather money clips with these on them. Since I wasn't looking for a money clip, but I loved the design of the "metal thingy", I checked out the listed materials (yay for that on etsy!)

So, I ended up combing through leather supply websites looking for these, and about half an hour later, I found them. Turns out they don't refer to them as "Alice in Wonderland" related, but more poker related. I got them here in case you're curious.

Steampunk Alice: Spade DesignsNewly Drawn & Photocopied Spade Designs

The spades represent the least practiced part of the costume - I'm going to attempt to transfer these photocopies onto fabric using some printmaking techniques. Then I have to find out if the transfer will hold up to a washing. If all goes well, I'll have a really cool tutorial for you guys soon!

Ok, I need to get into the studio so I'll have something to show!

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