Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wonderland Week: Finished Steampunk Alice Outfit!

Wonderland Party: Steampunk Alice (Leah)
Steampunk Alice Costume by moi

Shew, holy crap. I finally finished everything I was going to finish for my Steampunk Alice costume. I made the skirt, the apron, the bow on the apron, and the buttons on the socks (you can see those further down).

Steampunk Alice: Sock DetailSock Detail!

This is a weird angle, but you can see the spade buttons I made using shrinky dinks (yes! Shrinky Dinks!). Also, it includes the skirt and apron I made, so despite it's strangeness, it's a pretty useful picture.

Steampunk Alice: Bow DetailBow Detail
The bow was pretty easy, even though I've never made a bow before - mostly I just held it in the correct shape and sewed it together. Then I sewed on the gear, and added an eyelet to thread the concho through. Then I glued a pinback to the back so I can attach it to the apron, or elsewhere, if I want!

Wonderland AccoutrementOther accoutrement detail

I made some spade tiles out of Scrabble tiles (did I mention I have a whole mini-drawer full of Scrabble tiles? Well, I do). Also, I had this bottle with the label from the Mad Hatter Tea Party at Camelot Treasures forever ago. I think everything turned out pretty well, and I guess I should make proper detail pictures of just the skirt and just the apron, but right now I'm a bit pictured out. I'll eventually add more to my flickr stream, so watch there!

Wonderland Party: Scavenger Hunt, Team Diamond - The Ground is LavaThe Ground is Lava

The Wonderland party itself was super-fun! There was a scavenger hunt at the beginning that split us into teams and required us to take themed pictures. I was on Team Spades (of course!) My favorite picture is featured to the left, of Team Diamond and their "The Ground is Lava" picture. For more pictures of the party and the scavenger hunt click here!

Also, technically, we're at the beginning of Cupcake Week! Go Cupcake Week!

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