Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cupcake Necklace!

Cupcake Corset NecklaceCupcake Corset Choker

I have a lot of ribbon (and still no proper way of storing it). So I'm making things with ribbon. Maybe if I sell enough, I can buy a storage for it. But then it might be all gone? Ok, don't over think it.

Ahem - One thing I've made with my delightful cupcake ribbon is this corset necklace. Perfect for sweet lolita outfits, tea parties, or just people who love cupcakes. (Thanks, as always, to the lovely Alison who's modeling this.)

It can also be worn as a headdress/headband! You can lace it onto you anywhere you want, really (it's tempting to make a pair for sock garters).

Cupcake Corset Choker (closeup)Cupcake Choker Detail

Here's a nice closeup so you can see the cute hearts on the eyelet lace. Eyelet lace is pretty much the only lace I can handle on my skin, which is why it's the only kind I'm going to use when making these - I am all about comfort first!
Or at least in the top five.

I'll be filling my etsy shop with cupcake stuff all week so check back if you're desperate for your very own cupcakey-ness!

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