Thursday, July 31, 2008

Costumed Sketch Night: Grab Bag Theme

Five Minute Sketch: WaltzingAnnie and Will Waltz

You guys know the drill! Last night was Costumed Sketch Night, and despite the fact that I hadn't promoted it at all (and didn't even remind people) we still had five people show up.

Since I'm putting a large amount of effort into the next sketch night (Daikaiju/kaiju themed) this one was a lot less theme-structured. Fortunately, I know people who will just show up with outfits and props at the drop of a hat.

HUGE thanks to Annie, Nick and Will for showing up and modeling! You all did a great job (and I like that you guys help me think of poses, too!)

Twenty Minute Sketch: Drinking & PoutingTwenty Minute Sketch: Pouting and Drinking (Annie, Will, & Nick)

Since we had two people in formal wear, and Nick in... a panda hat, we ended up pitting Nick against Annie and Will a lot. Or performing as their black sheep. Though, judging from the funeral in the last pose, there was a lot more drama going on than we ever knew!

I hope some of the other artists scan their sketches and put them online. Would it offend any of you guys who usually attend if I asked to take pictures of your sketches to post online (duly credited of course) at the sketch night? I'm trying to figure out a way to have other people's images in the Costumed Sketch Night photo pool without necessarily forcing them to have a flickr account or anything similar.

Kaiju Drawing 1Costumed Sketch Night in August: KAIJU THEMED!

Next sketch night details:
Wednesday, August 27
7 - 9 pm
at Camelot Treasures (251 Grande Heights Dr., Cary, NC)
$3 admission (and tipping the models is encouraged - since we don't pay them)
Theme: Kaiju

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Batwings and Dolls

Wunderkind Bookmark: Vertical Bookmark Design for Wunderkind Etsy shop (1 of 2)

I've been doing a lot of random work lately. This freelance job dropped in my lap, and I loved their work so much I couldn't pass it up.

Also, I've been working on finishing up any and all unfinished "gift" art that I'm supposed to do, so I can stop feeling guilty about it. I'm almost done, thank goodness.

Of course, costume-related, there's been a few outings. Check at the bottom for a pic from the latest Clockwork Ball (featuring some kid's costume Dark Knight wings I've customized).

It made me feel slightly better about missing the crazy costume-fest that is/was Comic Con. Oh well. Supposedly, I'll be there next year.

There, now you're all updated!

Leah - Wingspan (back)Clockwork Ball outfit with Batwings

Complete non-sequitir:
I really like the way Paul Simon uses the word "pocket" in his lyrics.
"He was a poor boy, empty as a pocket with nothing to lose"
"A pocketful of mumbles, such are promises"

All because I woke up with "Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes" stuck in my head