Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Find! Etsy's lovechildboudoir

One of Lovechild Boudoir's Amazing Photoshoots

On Fridays, I'm gonna start showing you inspirations I've found online. This first week, I'm going to start out with a bang and show you images from Lovechild Boudoir!

Their shop combines the smoldering zip of burlesque steampunk carnival style goods. And so many stripes!

Bustle skirts, lingerie, coats, shrugs - it's enough to make a girl want to run away and join a time traveling circus!

Their customers include models and burlesque dancers from around the world.
AND I find myself mooning over their new bustle designs weekly.

Check out all the other delicious designs at lovechildboudoir's etsy shop.

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