Wednesday, September 30, 2009

SPX Haul & Retraction!

SPX Haul!
SPX Haul! Ahh, what a glorious pile of comics!

Small Press Expo is so inspiring it makes me want to do crazy things, like participate in 24 Hour Comic Book Day (that's right, it's Friday! October 3!).

Unfortunately, I already have plans to go the Raleigh Little Theatre Costume Clearout Sale (how could I not?) and LARP'ing on Saturday. Yes, I know, LARP. Shut up. Perhaps I will participate in four six hour chunks? Perhaps...

Clarification: Room Map of Will's Hidden StuffA Formal Retraction Drawing

Also, I would like to make a formal retraction to Will for stating that he had hidden away his awesome comics and drawings he got at SPX (to sleep on them, like a dragon!) Apparently, they were right next to me when I took the picture of my representative mini-comics, as shown in this incriminatingly accurate sketch I did.

I'll probably post some more today, as I'm going to be re-filling my etsy shop with some Victorian style stuff.

Lest I forget: Shout out to The Beat for their link here on Monday (bearded ladies are so hot right now!)

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