Thursday, October 29, 2009

Back from the Deepest South: Big Easy

Halloween Parade in New Orleans
Terrifying Halloween Parade Float - they threw glowing eyeball necklaces (of which I have two)
I probably should have mentioned that I would be gone October 24 - 28, visiting my family down in New Orleans and Mobile. I should have, but I didn't. More importantly, let me show you what I did!

New Orleans: Parades, Shopping Independent Design Stores
First thing, Julie, Brad and I went to a New Orleans Halloween parade. I was sad, because none of us were aware that the parade crowd was going to be wearing costumes. Had I known, I would have brought one as a quick change after leaving the airport. I'll know for the future though.

We only caught the tail end of the parade (3 floats, 1 marching band) and I still have a couple of pounds of beads to show for it. Those people are serious about throwing things at their parades. I am, unfortunately, out of the habit of attending, as I kept dodging things instead of catching. Oops!

Shamarr Allen in New OrleansMy Blurry Pic of Shamarr Allen
We ate at Yuki, a Japanese restaurant, and then headed to the Irvin Mayfield Jazz Playhouse right off of Bourbon Street to see Shamarr Allen play.

Shamarr Allen, man.
That guy can freakin play the trumpet.

If you're into NOLA style brass band music, here's a few YouTube videos of him:
- Song: Meet me on Frenchmen St.
- Song: Gnarls Barkley's Crazy - I loved his cover of this, but the sound quality of this video is incredibly crappy

New Orleans has an amazingly supportive community for local independent artists - tons of places just to sell local art. I went to three different shops dedicated to selling locally designed t-shirts - all on one street.

I may very well have to move there.

Thanks to Julie and Brad, for letting me crash at their place.
Next up:
I'll give you the lowdown from the next leg of the trip: Mobile, Alabama.

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