Friday, October 30, 2009

Back from the Deepest South: Mobile, Alabama

Dad's Birthday Dinner at Emeril's
Dad's Birthday Dinner at Emeril's
Sunday night we met up with my parents at Emeril's Gulf Coast Fish House in Gulfport, Mississippi for the Leah hand-off. Then I was shuffled off to Mobile.

Dauphin Island: Water TowerDauphin Island Water Tower - For some reason, it looks sinister
Our plans, since the weather forecast had said 73 and sunny, was to go biking on Dauphin Island. Even though we got up on Monday and it was in the 60's and raining a little, we decided to forge ahead anyway.

One of the more obscure things I miss about living on the Coast is bike riding on entirely flat terrain. Here in North Carolina there are hills, and I am a complete wuss about them.

Dauphin Island: No Swimming
My favorite picture from this trip - No Swimming! With me and Mom

As always, I went to America's Thrift Store in Mobile (my favorite thrift store, due to it's ridiculous size). I managed to find a leather coat for Will, and a nice skirt for myself, among other random things. I'll have to take a picture of all the stuff I brought back (including eyeball bead necklaces before I hand them out to Trick-or-treaters.)

The night before I left, my mom promised to make me anything for dinner I wanted, so I chose rump roast with potatoes and carrots, corn on the cob, and fried okra. I think I chose wisely.

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