Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Find! Obey My Brain Creations!

Squid Hat from Obey My Brain

If you're a cephalopod-love who hasn't stumbled across the great products (and pictures) from Obey My Brain yet, then I am surprised!

With the winter months quickly approaching, we're all looking for ways to keep ourselves warm and what better way than the graceful drape of tentacles to protect your delicate ears from stinging winds? And obviously, having an Octopus On Yo Head is a new fashion trend.

One of my favorite things about Obey My Brain is that you can optionally choose to get "bulging eyes" for your hat!

Of course, it's not just tentacley hats, there are also shark hats and some awesome artwork.

Check out Obey My Brain's Shop here!

1 comment:

GK said...

My googly eyed squid hat is a very high quality squid. There is no finer squid hat on the market, I am sure, and I encourage everyone to support the struggling American squid hat industry.

It's fuzzy and warm, but it is a little top heavy to wear in high winds, unless you tie the tentacles 'round under your chin.