Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Costume Sale!

Costume Sale Purchase!
Green Costume Coat! Woo!

I went to Raleigh Little Theater's Costume Sale on Saturday, and it was all kinds of awesome. (It was also all kinds of warm, which I wasn't expecting.)

This coat was $25, and came with green pants (that do not fit nor flatter). When checking out I discovered it also included this tall hat with "OZ" embroidered on it! It was apparently the costume for the doorman at the Emerald City (or rather, doorlady, as the former costume-wearer was there)

More purchases were made, of nicely priced mundane things, like $2 bloomers and a variety of cheap aprons, but they're all pretty much overshadowed by this coat. This Coat! It's very thick, so I'll have to figure out something chilly to wear it to.

I need to find more local theater costume sales!

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