Thursday, October 8, 2009

Where I Blather on About Reading, Goodreads (and I Made a Pie Chart)

Yes, I made a pie chart.

I read a lot of books. Of course... I work at a library. Libraries appeal to me in so many ways: they fulfill my goal of reading every awesome book, and my desire not to spend any money doing so.

Part of my reading habit now includes the following:
- Read a book before deciding to buy it
- Obsessively update account

Goodreads is where I got the numbers for my awesome pie chart up there. I keep track of book recommendations and check out what other people are reading (ahh, the gratification of being nosy on the internet). AND I can victoriously update each time I finish a book!

This year, there's one series I recommend without reservation - Scott Westerfield's Midnighters series. It's amazingly good science fiction. You should read it!

So, any good book recommendations for me?
Oops! I mean, after I finish Pratchett's new book Unseen Academicals, do you have any good book recommendations?

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