Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Find! Etsy's GoldilocksBarrettes

On Fridays, I'm gonna start showing you inspirations I've found online. This week, I'm giving you treats (and sort of tricks?) by showing you Goldilocks Barrettes!

Goldilocks Barrettes carries a variety of barrettes all made to look like something delicious.

They have everything sweet - cake slices, cupcakes, meringue, truffles, ice cream - all of them amazingly detailed replicas. They also have sushi barrettes now. Oh dear, it's making me hungry just looking at the shop.

I actually have the red velvet cake barrette (seen here). Up close, the barrettes are just as beautiful as they are in the pictures. They're also very well made, no cake deterioration for me!

Anyone who loves sweets, and the idea of wearing them on their head, has found the perfect shop. Put food in your hair without all the worry!

Check out more delicious designs at Goldilocks Barrette's etsy shop.

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