Monday, October 12, 2009

Sewing a Vest (from a shirt)

Shirt to Vest Project: Exterior Pieces
This Shall Be a Vest!

I'm attempting to sew a vest from a large shirt. I'm even lining the dang thing which is making the project a lot more complicated.

Essentially, to assemble something with a lining, you have to think of the object as if it is being assembled through a black hole. Everything is all inside out, and upside down, and backwards. Then you sew it all together, turn it right side out, and hope you didn't screw up.

Lining Visualization Process
This is What Lining is Like!

This is Nick's birthday present. Of course, having to take measurements and borrowing vests from Nick has sort of blown the surprise, but I'm okay with that (and I asked him ahead of time if he would prefer a surprise drawing of a present, or a non-surprise actual present - he chose non-surprise).

A few people have asked me how to get started sewing, or what I do with my projects, and I'll be posting about that later this week!


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