Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Discworld Convention! (NADwCon)

Discworld Con Friday: Michelle & IMichelle and I at the North American Discworld Convention over the Weekend!

While Will was at Dragon*Con, I was in Phoenix, reveling in a similar but more focused type of nerdery: Pratchettian! Thanks to my fellow Discworld fan friend Michelle (pictured here, adorably)! I got to crash on her and Eric's hotel couch and not have to skip the con due to being frugal (cheap).

Quick definition of the Discworld (in case you're friends with me and somehow don't know):
The Discworld is a fantasy book series by Sir Terry Pratchett, as well as the physical fictional setting for the series.

Discworld Convention Friday: Seamstresses Guild Party - Susan (me) and Ronald Soak
Me as Susan and a well-dressed Ronald Soak

There's the Omega Pin that I finished right before the con! I think it looks pretty good (especially because no one gets too close to it, what with Susan being Death and all). Here's one of my favorite costumes at the con - the milkman from Thief of Time (who also has an alternate name and occupation that I won't mention because spoiler). Just read the book! Geez!

Discworld Con Friday: Me! Getting my books signed by Pratchett! (3 of 3)Me! Getting My Books Signed by Terry Pratchett!

The best thing about a focused convention is the crowd is imbued with more congeniality than the usual convention crowd. Usually, attendees can find a track or panels that dovetail with their interests, but with this, you know everyone there is definitely into Terry Pratchett's work.

I'm not saying that there isn't a amiable buzz among pretty much every convention I go to, it's just that you usually have to spend some time finding "your crowd" (whether it be BSG fans, cosplayers, Japanamaniacs, etc.) and here they're just all handed to you).

I'm going to have to post some more stuff tomorrow, because there's more! I bought things! Woo!

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