Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Adventures in Gardening

While Trimming Bushes in the Yard I Found Some Critters! Pictured here: Snail
(not pictured: Wasp's Nest)

I keep trying improve our yard, and the yard keeps fighting back. Every year I learn a little bit more that I'm sure will help me win the infamous Make the Yard Pretty Battle (2005-??).

First we learned we have rocky clay soil. Then we learned there's a cute family of rabbits living in our rosemary bush. Finally, I read that you should just expect half of your plants not to make it.

Now, armed with my acceptance of a 50% failure rate, I will probably order some bulbs and attempt yet again to make the yard look better. Wish me luck!

Turtle HoleBaby Turtles Exit

Also, did I mention we had a turtle lay eggs in our yard? We kept an eye on the hole, yet this week we discovered, despite our vigilance, the baby turtles dug out and slipped away in the night. Kids thesedays.

Cowabunga guys.

There should be a shop update coming tomorrow! (Bookplates, I tell you!)

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