Friday, September 11, 2009

Local Shop Review: Dorcas Thrift Shop

I'm planning to review all of the thrift, craft, and fabric shops in the area, so here we go!
I wear a lot of thrifted and refashioned clothes. What that essentially means is that I'm cheap. It also means that when someone asks me where I got what I'm wearing, there's not usually a simple answer.

Dorcas Thrift Shop: SignDorcas Thrift Shop Sign
Half the time, I've gotten my clothing from a thrift store (and then I usually tell them how much I paid for it too, which runs in my family for some reason "This formal dress? $20! Can you believe it?"). My favorite local thrift store for quality clothes and good prices is Dorcas Thrift Shop. Plus, it's just right up the road from me!

Dorcas Thrift Shop: Fabric on HangersFabric Hanging in the Crafting Section
The clothing they have has high turnover, and usually they have nice brands, like Banana Republic, Anne Taylor - I got a silk Banana Republic skirt for $3! Also, I think that thrift stores force me to be pickier about the way things fit; I can't just get the slightly larger size of a shirt that doesn't fit and pretend it's going to work - it either fits or it doesn't.

Dorcas Thrift Shop: Floor ShotTies & Books
They usually have some good used furniture for reasonable prices. Though they do have the occasional $200 entertainment center, I've gotten a nice wooden chair for $9 (that I've yet to repaint).

They also have daily specials (today pants are 2 for $3), and the money goes to providing food and support for local families.

Overall, I highly recommend it, especially on Thursdays when they're open till 7pm.

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