Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Piano Monster: Done!

Piano Monster: CloseupPiano Monster Closeup

In case you can't tell, More Teeth! was the design that won the Piano Monster Paint Showdown. Thanks to all of you who voted! Anytime you visit, pat More Teeth on the head (or stick your hands in its mouth) and muse upon your vote.

For anyone wanting more piano monster than seen here, feast your eyes upon this incredibly awesome 8 foot tall piano monster! I wish I had that crazy amount of skill, though it is very scary.

Now that I've finished the piano monster paint job (which went surprisingly smoothly, well, surprising to me, who usually manages to mess up or have surgery or something mid-painting project) I'm going to finish up Stuart's Ambush Bug mask (more pictures later today, hopefully) and my Omega pin for my Susan Sto Helit costume.

I'll be gone Thursday and Friday to the North American Discworld Convention (in Arizona) so I'm sort of over-posting today and tomorrow to make up for my silence this weekend.

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