Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dungeons & Dragons - Party Drawings

D&D Party Drawing: Color
My Interpretation of Our D&D Party
(click on the picture for way more details)

Recently I've been getting into Dungeons & Dragons, because everyone is completely smitten with 4th edition. So smitten that it didn't seem like too big a hassle to pull me into a few games, even though I've never played before.

I'm slowly getting the hang of things, but in the heat of battle I'm still a little iffy about which dice to roll. I also forget that I have to decide what I'm using *before* dice-rolling. Sometimes I get excited, jump around, and just roll a few dice for no apparent reason.

I think my favorite part is making the DM* describe all the enemies, and making all the other players describe their characters. (Okay, really my favorite part is one-shot killing with a shuriken, but descriptions are pretty high up there.)

For instance, bugbears are not cute things that look like this:

This is the first image that came to mind for me, some sort of Rainbow Brite friend. Good thing they actually look like this, otherwise I would have a hard time killing them.

I really enjoy doing sketches during the game also (if I have time). It's interesting to work on things in the fantasy realm, but attempt to keep them simple. Or just make all the scary dungeon monsters ridiculously cute. There are a few more sketches on flickr if you're interested.

*Dungeon Master

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