Friday, August 28, 2009

Painting the Piano: In the Midst of Madness

Painting the Piano: Blued!
The Piano is Now Blued

In case you get the urge to paint some piece of furniture yourself, here's my advice - follow this How to Paint Furniture tutorial from Young House Love (yes, I'm not crazy about the name of the blog either, formerly "This Young House").

One major edit:
Step 0: Test Existing Paint Job for Lead
Really easy, they sell these Q-tip-like Lead Tester swabs at any place like Lowe's, and you get two or three of them for $5. This way you can avoid creating a lot of lead dust, which would suck.

I anticipate painting on the monster face tomorrow (Saturday!) so if you haven't voted, get to it! The poll closes at midnight tonight!

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lil stalin said...

Just came across your piano while googling "painted pianos" and I love it. I am considering painting our piano and was wondering whether your original was heavily laquered? If so, did you use stripper before you sanded it or did you just sand lightly and then dive into the primer? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!