Thursday, August 20, 2009

Michelle's Skirt - Not Much of An Update

Michelle's Future-skirt
Michelle's Skirt - Original Birthday Card Design

So I'm finally working on Michelle's birthday skirt, which I plan to finish by tomorrow. Tomorrow night. Definitely before Saturday.

Michelle's Skirt - Main Skirt PieceThe Main Skirt Piece, Cut out (striped prototype pinned over it)

I'm basing the skirt on this FanPlusFriend nautical skirt, but making it a bustle back. I had no idea what shape it would be, and I asked for help over in the sew_loli group, and thankfully happi_pineapple had some ideas. Thanks again!

So yes, I'm pretty much head down, working on this. More updates about this skirt to come, and then I'll tell you all about the giclee print talk I went to on Tuesday, and how I'm planning to paint my piano next week!

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