Monday, August 17, 2009

Art Opening - Damn Hot at Wootini & Way Back

Hot Damn Art Opening: The Artist and her WorkMe at the Damn Hot Opening Friday Night
(click on the image to see more art opening pics)

Thanks again to everyone who came out to the art opening Friday night - it was absolutely lovely to see everybody! Having your friends come out to one of your shows always makes you feel awesome! Yay!

But, what if I was getting a big head? I had an art opening! I might start using multiple exclamation points!!!11eleven! Well, I like to keep myself in check. And by that, I mean posting embarrassing old pictures of myself on the internet. So here you go:

Old Pictures - Glamour Shots, Cowboy Hat? (1993)
My Glamour Shots from 1993 (I was probably 13 or 14)
Click on the picture to see more. There were FOUR different outfits! This one is probably the "best".

What about you guys? Most embarrassing pictures of you online? Don't leave me all alone here!


RyanRobot99 said...

You were on the cutting edge of cool in 1993. San Francisco hipsters pay good money for hats like that at the Buffalo exchange these days!

Leah said...

The beaded coat is what kills me - that thing was incredibly heavy! Almost as heavy as my makeup! (badum-psh!)