Monday, August 10, 2009

More Costuming: Omega Pin

Omega Pin
Omega Pin Beginnings

This month is definitely heavy on costuming - with DragonCon coming up for some people, and the North American Discworld Convention coming up for me, costume construction is on the rise!

While working on the Ambush Bug mask, I am also working on a project for me! I'm going to re-visit my Susan Sto Helit costume -

Leah as Susan Sto HelitMe as Susan Sto Helit

I probably won't be able to bring the scythe on the plane (boo) but I will update the pin for my cape by making Death's omega pin out of cardboard. The technique is based on Katie's windup key tutorial which I'm finding very handy!

Anyway, cool info coming Wednesday, and hopefully some progress between now and then!

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