Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Etsy Shop Update

Black Lace Jabot & Will
Will Modeling the Black Lace Jabot

I've spent the last day updating my etsy shop ( with this fancy lace jabot and other steampunk and gothic items. Also making Will model wearing eyeliner, mwahahah!

There's more on the way - a fleur-de-lys pin I made from vintage pieces I found at the flea market, a jolly roger clip - you know, excellent costumey stuff you and all your friends want to buy.

Cupcake Apron!Cupcake Apron!

I finally finished that cupcake apron that I kept talking about during cupcake week. I even lined it, which was a first for me. There's a loop to hang a spoon or scissors from - someone has already referred to it as a "spoon holster"! Excellent name!

So yes, there's new stuff all this week at Woo!

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