Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Art Opening - Damn Hot at Wootini

The New Myth (sneak peek at new painting)
Sneak Peek at "The New Myth" (part of a new painting of mine)

If you're local to the NC Triangle area, I'm in the Damn Hot show at Wootini during the month of August! Come by the opening of Damn Hot this Friday!

Opening Details
Where: Wootini Carr Mill, 200 North Greensboro St., Carrboro
When: Friday, August 14, 7-10 pm.

Damn Hot features artists Jerstin Crosby, Orvokki Halme, Kelly Green, Amy Richards, as well as me (Leah Riley, in case you forgot).

From the press release (which makes me sound so daring):
"Leah Riley fearlessly explores any media—design, comics, acrylic painting, sculpture in both metal and felt, and even screenprinting."

Miel Bon Bons - Patisserie & ConfiserieMiel Bon Bons

In case you needed an extra reason to come to the opening, I just discovered this gorgeously ornate bon bon shop in the same building as Wootini! It's usually open around the time the Damn Hot opening starts, so get there early if you need chocolate!

Now that I've delivered all my pieces for the show, I better get back to working on stuff!

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