Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Inspiration: Coco MoCA

Pale Whale by Yiying Lu
Conan O'Brien's writers have their own site called Team Coco and it's kind of adorable. BUT! The best thing, in my opinion, is their Coca MoCA - The Museum of Conan Art.

I'm showing you some of my favorites, but they have all kinds of cute stuff, AND you can submit your own (if you have a desire to make a Conan-themed piece of art or cookie/cake or something)

Conan Pointillism by Freya Kieslling
Team Coco... in SPACE by Natalie
Conan Watercolor by isalindberg
Hello Coco by Steve Dressler

I find seeing one subject covered in many different ways interesting and inspiring. It motivates me to experiment and learn. And, of course, the Hello Coco one is probably my favorite.
Here's the link again! Coca MoCA - The Museum of Conan Art

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