Thursday, June 9, 2011

Further Dyeing Adventures: RIT "Wine" Dye

Dress Dyeing!
The Dylon "Intense Violet" dye I used was for 1/2 lb of fabric, and also the dress has spandex and polyester mixed in, so I figured i should up the intensity if I wanted the next color to over-dye the purple/pink princess monster dress I'd created.

I went to JoAnns and got RIT's liquid dye in "Wine" for 2 lbs. of fabric. The color on the bottle was a lot less saturated than the colors came out (which is fine with me, I like saturation). And look! The lace completely soaked up the dye this time - I wonder why that is? I did add more salt to the dye, so maybe that helped.

Dyeing H&M shirt with RIT "Wine" liquid dye
I love how this shirt came out! I bought this shirt thinking that the brown and white stripes would just grow on me. They sure didn't. But the shape of the shirt and the interesting sleeves kept me from throwing it away. DYE TO THE RESCUE! Since this is 100% cotton it soaked up a lot of the RIT dye.

The dress and the t-shirt were dyed together in the sink for 30 minutes, and I really like how they both came out!
Now, to the next level: bleaching!


The BabbyMama said...

I love how both came out! I'm going to have to get some of that color, ooh.

Leah Riley said...

I was so surprised how well it came out! So vivid! I highly recommend it. I'm giving Dylon another chance today with some dyeing I'm doing (with doubling it up) but I may give up on them if it doesn't turn out well.
Thanks for all the encouragement!

Marg said...

I'm really enjoying the dyeing info! I love the way everything is looking. :)

Leah Riley said...

Thanks Marg! I like it too! It's too easy, I may start dyeing everything now!