Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bleaching: No More Pattern Recognition

I have a hatred for patterns that are overwhelming and very contrast-oriented. I think they look terrible on me and I want them to DIE! Or... bleach! Then dye.

Safari Dress: Bleached!
So, here's where I am with the dress - I'm really excited by what's going on here. Especially since I'm planning to dye it a warm color. ORANGE is what's happening here, for some reason.

Here's a closeup:
Safari Dress: Bleach Closeup
(Also, I removed those TERRIBLE rhinestones. Geez - that was one episode of Robin Hood, I believe, with a seam ripper and trying not to be too distracted by Richard Armitage.)

I'm going to be dyeing it either later today, or tomorrow. The reason is because this skirt is currently in the sink with a dye concoction I made of Dylon's China Blue and Tropical Green. That should be awesome! OR at least interesting:
Brown Skirt: BLEACHENED!
Oh gosh, I just hope it doesn't look like camouflage when it comes out. Yuck.

The bleaching process I'm using is from Martha Stewart's Fabric and Craft Encyclopedia. I really like the guide and it seems to work and provide the thing that I really like in the finished product: a complete LACK of bleach-smell!
Here's my bleach process, just so you know what I'm doing to these poor pieces of clothing:
Mix 5 parts hot water to 1 part bleach (do *not* go over this ratio, according to Martha)
Soak clothing in hot water, wring
Put clothing in the bleach water
Soak in bleach for 15 sec - 15 min (watch for what you want)
Remove from bleach and put into cold water
Wring from cold water
Put clothing in chloring neutralizer
Soak for... I dunno, 10 minutes?
Wash in washing machine

So, you need:
- 3 places for soaking (I used both parts of our sink and a bucket for the chlorine neutralizer)
- bleach
- chlorine neutralizer itself (this is to make the bleach smell go away forever and stop the bleaching process - I ordered mine online)
- washing machine
- rubber gloves and plastic spoon

I better get back to stirring my skirt. I think after all this bleaching and dyeing this week, I'm gonna experiment some more with actually doing patterns with bleach, resists and dyes next week!

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