Friday, June 10, 2011

Bleached & Dyed Skirt: Fin!

At least there's one project finished: I've bleached and dyed this skirt to my satisfaction!
(I'm so happy it didn't come out looking like camouflage)
Skirt - Bleached & Dyed

To dye it, I combined Dylon dyes "Jungle Green" and "China Blue", figuring I'd get that sort of bright green with blue undertones that seems to be all over the place right now.

And, success! The skirt is 100% cotton, so I knew it would soak up a lot of the dye. I'm really happy with it, especially since it was a $3 thrifted skirt, it may now become one of my favorites!

Next up, I still have the safari dress, and I think I'm going to try Dylon's "Intense Violet" again, and double up on the dye.

I really like the color that the "China Blue" is supposed to come out as, and I want to find something to dye that color, but what?

Next week!
The end of the safari dress! - will it come out Violet? Or will it look like a hot mess?

Resist dyeing with glue!
I've bookmarked several tutorials, if you'd like to give it a go, I'd love to hear your feedback/advice:
Gel Glue Resist Tutorial
Glue Resist Batik
DIY Fabric Prints

I have some skirts that probably need octopuses on them!


The BabbyMama said...

Oh man, I'm jealous. I have so few extra clothes for dying and playing with since I have to have my work wardrobe and then everything else is jeans/black.

Leah Riley said...

Oh sweetie! If only you had time for a thrift store shuffle... But your work clothes all looks super-fab! I do not really have much "adult" clothes, and if I get a job that requires it, I'm going to need to buy a bunch toot sweet.