Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Halloween in June - Decorating!

I helped decorate for an Undead Birthday party over the weekend, so here's some of the decorations:
Undead Birthday: FOOD SPREAD

Undead Birthday: Brain
Why the human torso? I don't know, but it looked cool!

Undead Birthday: Food spread 2

Most of these were put together by Ruth, but I think they're great:
Jell-o Brain with oreo dirt and gummi worms, Zombie Fingers (Snapea Crisps), and on the three tier: Worms, Gravestone cookies, and Coffin sandwiches!

And here's a picture of me as a mummy, so you know that I dressed up:
Undead Birthday: Angel & Mummy

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Mellzah said...

Everything looks so awesome!