Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pegasus Bracelet

Pegasus Bracelet for Annie
Michelle had given me this pegasus brass stamping forever ago because we both agreed that Annie should have *something* with it.

I kept meaning to do something with it.
For the past two years+.

Finally, yesterday, I did! I combined some ribbon I had in very Annie colors, with a brass cuff bracelet from Ornamentea. I "aged" the brass stamping by first washing it, then painting on it and wiping the paint off (seems silly, but it makes sure the paint stays more in the creases, which makes it look older, so there you go).

Then I sealed it, and sewed it on! Voila!
What took me so long? Oh, you know, worrying that I was going to screw it up probably. It's not perfect, but I like the way it came out. Plus! I learned that patina-ing brass using vinegar takes forever/overnight, so plan ahead if you want to try that (I started, then went with the paint instead!).

Does anybody else have a project they've been putting off forever? Maybe we can have a "Finish it" week sometime soon to motivate us all.


Annie said...

I love love love this bracelet! Thank you!

I've been putting off finishing a lace stole for probably a year and a half. I just got mad at it and haven't been back to it. It would take me more than a week of knitting to get it done, but I really do need to finish sometime.

Nicky said...

The em-eff'in VIVIAN SWEATER. I need to exile myself to the Ilse of Sleeves for a few weeks and just get that freakin' thing done.

Leah Riley said...

It's like we need a Summer Break just to DO STUFF. It's like a Summer Craft Break!

B. Rex said...

I love that! I'm way into Pegasi lately though. Like this ring which I want and though I also would need an event in which it would be appropriate to wear.

I have so many unfinished projects - like the one I'm working on for you which I just need to finish already. Plus I started making an amigurumi cat for Evelyn BEFORE SHE WAS BORN and I should really finish it before she turns 10.

Leah Riley said...

That pegasus ring is AMAZING! You could win so many back alley fights with that thing, and then go directly to a swank dinner party.

I worry that these quilts I'm working on will become something I shove in a closet for years, but thankfully, quilts are supposed to take years, right?