Monday, May 16, 2011

Absolutely Small's Adorable ABC Book (Friday Find, delayed due to Blogger outage)

I read a lot of other crafty and artsy blogs, and one of my current favorites is Absolutely Small. Just last week she posted pictures of the amazing ABC book that she made for her daughter Olive. The letters are all represented by pictures and it's a felt book so she can enjoy it now!

Check out this awesomeness:
Y is for Yoda, Z is for Zelda
Y is for Yoda, Z is for Zelda

S is for Sun and Stars, T is for Totoro
S is for the Sun and Stars, T is for Totoro

Including other awesome illustrations (X is for X-men, W is for Wookie, O is for Olive herself!) I am just thoroughly happy that this exists and feel inspired just looking at it. It just warms me down to the cockles of my heart!

You can check out all the letters here in Absolutely Small's Flickr group - Olive's ABCs.

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The BabbyMama said...

That makes me want to get some felt real bad!