Thursday, May 19, 2011

Draw Your Cats

Cats with Wings
Cats with Wings by Foley

I love it when people take pictures of their pets, but I really love it when people draw or paint their pets.
Thank goodness, there's the meowoodle tumblr (which does not update nearly enough IMO) dedicated ENTIRELY to illustrators and artist's depictions of their cats.

The picture above is one I found on flickr from one of my friends (so not from meowoodle, though it certainly deserves to be there). I have even done a painting of one of my old cats, and I think I should make do more.

ANYWAY! Meowoodle! Here's some of my favorites:



I'd really like to encourage everyone I know to do a drawing of their pet - I think it really shows the personality of the animal that *we* see that may not come through in the blurry pictures we take!


naiadkitty said...

I was uploading pictures of all my prints this morning, and I have a print from Stephanie and two from Angi of their cats. I love those kinds of pictures!

Leah Riley said...

I know, right? I used to have a painting I did of my cat Licorice, but I'm not sure if it made it with me through all the moves.