Monday, November 30, 2009

A Plush a Day Challenge! Day 15 - Mustache Robot (that looks like my father-in-law)

A Plush A Day Challenge: Day 15 - Mustache Robot! (The Robot Bears and Uncanny Resemblance to Gordon!)
Day 15 - Mustache Robot

In order to make myself use up this embarrassment of tshirt material, I am instituting a Plush a Day Challenge to myself. Essentially, I have to make some sort of plush creature every day.

As you can see here, Mustache Robot looks like a tiny version of my father-in-law Gordon! That was completely unintentional, but the resemblance is sort of uncanny! Mustache Robot decided to stay up in Massachusetts, where his burly mustache will be thoroughly appreciated in the cold weather.

Unfortunately, all other attempts at creating plushies while on the road/on Thanksgiving vacation was a bust. I had my cool sewing box, but no time to actually do any sewing! I hope no one will hold it against me, and I will soldier on with even more plushies from here on out!

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