Friday, December 4, 2009

I'm Back! Back Back!

Some Days you Need a Hey Pais
Here I am with my cat hat and Hey Pais badge - the Hey Pais badge is for when you want to be pretty AND brave!

Shew! I just had one of those weeks. It seemed like everything was just all over the place. But! Good news! Tomorrow we'll be back on our regular advertised Plush a Day Challenge! With new plushies every day! Starting tomorrow! TOMORROW! WOO!

In the meantime, a Friday Find that isn't on the internet: Chapel Hill Comics!

They're my favorite comic book store ever (not just because they carry my comics and plushies) - they always have friendly staff, and the best selection EVER! Plus, Pocky. Delicious Pocky! So, if you are:
- someone who is into comics or weird stuffed animals
- someone who's friends are into comics and weird stuffed animals
- local to North Carolina
Then check out Chapel Hill Comics!

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