Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Find! Blog - Sprite Stitch

Portal Cross Stitch Collection

We can all admit it - we're mostly nerds here. Of course, there are tons of sub-classifications of nerds. I definitely fall into the classic videogame nerd group, as well as the craft/DIY nerd group, which is why I love the blog Sprite Stitch.

Mario Bros. Mushroom Arm Warmers

They highlight videogame-inspired projects from around the internet - and lots of times include tutorials and patterns.

Sprite Stitch isn't just sewing, there's plenty of knitting, baking, perler beads (who knew that anyone would be still making stuff with those) - the list goes on.

100 Calorie Kirby Cupcakes!

So, if you or someone you know is a big videogame nerd, then you should keep an eye on Sprite Stitch for excellent gift ideas. Especially if you want to make something yourself!

Check out Sprite Stitch!
- Mario Mushroom Arm Warmers Entry - includes link to instructions
- 100 Calorie Kirby Cupcakes Entry - includes link to recipe

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