Monday, November 16, 2009

A Plush A Day Challenge! Day Six - Pinky the Tiny Bird

A Plush A Day: Day Six - Pinky
A Plush a Day - Pinky

In order to make myself use up this embarrassment of tshirt material, I am instituting a Plush a Day Challenge to myself. Essentially, I have to make some sort of plush creature every day.

Despite his small size, Pinky is a very loud bird. VERY LOUD. Almost as loud as the pink color he is.

I obviously need to work on my bird sewing skills and make Pinky a friend.


emily said...

A plush a day! What a great way to use up your fabric, and they are turning out so darling!

Leah Riley Woods said...

Thank you! At the end I hope to have a lot of knowledge, a cleaner studio, and a pile of plushies!