Monday, November 16, 2009

Wake County BookSale!

Wake County Library Booksale: Comic
Forgetting My Camera Means You Get Drawings!
On Saturday we lugged a suitcase to the annual Wake County Booksale. I'm honestly not sure what the scale was the two previous years that I went, but this year I knew there was going to be 300,000 books. I'm sorry, that seems like it needs an exclamation point:
300,000 BOOKS!

The prices were awesome, of course, with hardcovers $4 and paperbacks $1 (graphic novels count as paperbacks, though they didn't have as many as they did last year).

Wake County Library Booksale: Suitcase o'LootSuitcase O'Books
We brought a rolling suitcase (we learned from previous years that carrying around a box sucks) and filled it to the brim with books.

It's lasting five days, so I may end up going back. The prices drop throughout the sale, and sometimes new stock is introduced as they clear out room - it's insane! It's like Black Friday for bibliophiles! With a little more nerdy camraderie.

I know you're not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but sometimes I can not resist buying books purely based on their covers - I mean look at these!
Wake County Library Booksale: Basing a Book Entirely on Its Cover
(Plus, the guy let us have them for $1 each, since they were kid's books).

You guys have any books you bought entirely based on the cover?

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