Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Find! Blog - Sweet Sweet Life

The Home of Sweet Sweet Life's Amy Hanson

If you enjoy my Friday Finds, then you will love Amy Hanson's Sweet Sweet Life blog.

Her blog is full of lovely pictures from her own home (like the one above) and tons and tons of links to etsy shops, projects, and artists online, all of them beautiful, whimsical, and adorable in turn.

Amy's Bookcase

Her style is very clean and playful with bright colors, she describes it as "sock monkeys and rainbows." I love it, and I love almost everything she links to! So do other people, since she's been featured on Apartment Therapy and Etsy Storque, to name a few.

So, if you have room on your blog roll (which is more like a biscuit than a cinnamon roll *I* think) for lots of bright, cheery and cute images, then by all means, go to A Sweet Sweet Life!

All images copyright Amy Hanson
Friday Find! is a weekly post where I link to awesome things I've found on the internet

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