Monday, June 29, 2009

Fabric Tags

Fabric Tags are Here! Yay!
My New Fabric Tags! Yay!

I ordered these custom fabric tags from BellaMental on etsy and they came in last week - they look so awesome! I did the design, but the printing just turned out really well, and for such a reasonable price!

These are 1.5" x 1" tags (they fold in the middle, so the name & URL are on both sides). Very soon now, there will be lots of stuffed animals with these! Probably lumpy and weird looking ones!

This is what I was doing previously for tags:SPX Prep: Felt Robot Tag

Yes, hand-stitching the tags did look cool, but unfortunately I am no longer updating for an extended period of time, and "Futuregirl Leah Riley" or "" was just a little too long for this type of tag.

I love that I can order small runs of custom tags! Yay for the internet and etsy!

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