Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wedding Design: Program & Invitations

Wedding Program & Invitations
Leah-designed wedding program and invitations - names changed to protect the innocent

Freelance design gigs are pretty fun, especially because you can pick and choose your projects. The downside is the decision-making process - which projects to take, money vs. time, id vs. ego, etc.

This design project was all smooth sailing, even with the "Careful... careful!" feeling I get when I make things for people's weddings. One does not want to mess things up. Fortunately, we all kept each other updated, and I made sure I had backup plans (if this paper won't print, then I'll try this paper!)

Also, I love it when a project for something else turns into something that you can both be proud of. They love the product, and you want to put it in your portfolio!

Here's my tips for freelance design jobs:
- Be upfront about your pricing.
- Ask a million questions about what they want - and get them to send you links to images they like!
- Keep track of your hours and receipts.

Any other freelancers got some killer tips?

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