Friday, June 5, 2009

Studio Cleaning 2009: Mostly Done!

Studio (6-09): NW WallNorthwest Wall of My Studio

After a few weeks of intense work, I think I'm done cleaning my studio for this year. I have a very satisfying box of stuff I'm getting rid of. Plus, I've created a few storage solutions that I'm pretty proud of. Of course, I have a few storage failures that I'll share with you, just so you know that I'm a human, and not a robot.

Storage Solutions!
Studio (6-09): Plush Animal Storage 2Plush Animal & Robot Corral / Storage
(click on the image for instructions on how I made this)

I'm making more and more stuffed animals, as I think they're really cute, fun to design and... well, anyway, they were all over my studio. And when you spend a lot of time painting and other stuff, you can't risk your stuffed robots, kitties, platypenguins, or what-have-you getting ruined.

I wanted floating shelves, but I knew they'd have to have some sort of corral-like action to keep these top-heavy friends from flopping right out. Taking cues from various stuffed animal storage I've seen (like plate shelves) I decided to make these. They do what they're supposed to: cutely store the stuffed animals out of my way!

Studio (6-09): Thread Organized 1Embroidery Thread! Finally off the floor!

I know, it's not exciting or innovative to actually store your embroidery thread on the little winding cards, but it took a lot of episodes of "The Wire" for me to finish this, and the colors are just so pretty that I had to post a picture of it. Mmm, satisfying!

Storage Failures!
Studio (6-09): Ribbon Storage FailRibbon Storage FAIL

I thought that ribbon and trim storage was a simple thing. I cut an old wire hanger and put all my ribbon on it, re-connected the cut with tape and hung it up! Hooray! Problem solved! Ten minutes later the tape popped and the beribboned metal hanger hit me in the head. Boo.

For the future, does anyone have any storage ideas for storing ribbon or trim? What about polycotton stuffing, where do you keep it?

I'll post some more of the goodies I've found that I want to get rid of - perhaps we'll have a giveaway! I still have a huge pile of paper to go through. Oh, and I guess I should post pictures of the other side of the room, just to prove there's not piles of stuff hiding over there (here's a secret - the piles are hiding in the hallway).

If you want to see more detailed photos of my studio, with tons of notes, head on over to my flickr photostream and check it out.


Marg said...

Polycotton Stuffing: Space bags? Where you squish it really small? Would it puff back up?

Leah said...

I worry that it wouldn't puff back up, since the stuff can get squished until unusable (or, sort of out-of-shape). My solution was stuffing it into the closet next to my wedding dress!