Monday, June 22, 2009

Stuffed Animals & Weekend

SpaceCat SketchSpaceCat Sketch: Where All Stuffed Animals Begin

After some intensive painting last week for a commissioned project (pictures soon), and then a painting party over the weekend (I forgot my camera - but Michelle had hers!), I'm ready to settle in and do some sewing! (Besides the commissioned piece, I'm working on a few other side projects. Secret projects! Not as exciting as these exclamation marks indicate!!!)

First off, I will be attempting to make a sweet skirt for this Friday's upcoming Clockwork Ball in Chapel Hill. The skirt will be my first attempt at making a proper piece of clothing, instead of an accessory (or altering) so it also falls into the "prototype" category as well. It's scary cutting into fabric you really like, already shaking off the feeling that you're just going to screw it up and waste... ok, just cut it.

Secondly, once my new fabric tags come in from BellaMental I'm going to be sewing together some new prototype stuffed animals. Including Ol' Spacecat that you see there.

Speaking of stuffed animals:
Jason and Ryn of Random Signal (I designed their sweet cephalopodic logo) just finished up the Great Random Signal Name Our RoombaTM Contest. The winner is Paul Fischer, of the Balticon Podcast, with his winning submission 3-Sweepio!

Paul's prize? A plush robot handmade by me! My robot is a prize for a robot namer!
P.S. Robots!

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